Over 400 Australian Made & Owned Certified Products

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Trafalgar has gone through many changes since our establishment in 1945, but we’ve always been a proud Australian business. With three offices across the country, we’ve employed more than 80 Australians to help us produce the highest standard products, system and solutions.


Our Story

Since we opened in 1945, Trafalgar has been known for our quality safety solutions. Our initial product range included first aid kits, commercial bathroom products and ash trays; things which are vastly different from what we produce today.



When John Rakic, dedicated to Australian manufacturing, bought the business in 2009, he took the opportunity to rebuild the Trafalgar legacy. Since then, we’ve continued to grow every single day through innovation, Australian acquisition and expansion. Despite the changes over the years, Trafalgar has always been dedicated to keeping Aussies safe, because we believe safety should never be taken for granted.

Our Systems

Trafalgar Group are proud to be the manufacturers of more than 200 Australian Made and Owned products across our five divisions. You can find the Australian Made and Owned logo featured on our Trafalgar Access Panels, Trafalgar Safety, FYRE SAFE, STORE SAFE, JNI PALLET SAFE, and JNI FREIGHT SAFE ranges, as well as our FireBOX range. Rest assured that our products are manufactured to fit the highest Australian standards to meet our conditions.




With the decline in manufacturing on home soil, we’re proud that our systems are made from start to finish right here in Australia. Our products are made by local workers in Sydney and Brisbane using materials sourced from Aussie suppliers.

Our Team

Here at Trafalgar, we enjoy what we do. We have over 80 employees spread across offices in Granville, Ingleburn and Brendale, providing local employment opportunities to talented and skilled Aussies. We champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace, providing a flexible working environment for all of our employees.



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