Our Story

The Trafalgar story is one of innovation and a stubborn ability to survive and thrive through adversity.

Commencing in 1945, over the next forty years Trafalgar became a brand synonymous with developing safety solutions. Trafalgar’s initial product range included First Aid Kits, Safety Cabinets, Commercial Bathroom products, Ash Trays and many other safety related products.

Between the 1990's and 2009 the Group was sold multiple times. During this time the First Aid business was sold, regional offices and local manufacturing plants were closed, and many key people moved on. In these years the business lost its way, but the Trafalgar brand and spirit continued to soldier on.

In 2009 John Rakic bought the business, seeing the opportunity to re-build the Trafalgar legacy and to continue to grow and innovate. The team at Trafalgar are now renowned for their technical excellence and commitment to finding solutions for clients.

With constant hard work and dedication of the Trafalgar team, we’re committed to continuing to ensure that safety is never taken for granted.

Our Foundations

Our Vision

To be the first choice for safety and quality.

Our Mission

We design and manufacture specialty products and solutions.
We are proudly Australian owned and operated.
We pride ourselves on people and partnerships.
We’re actively looking to grow the business and most importantly… to have FUN whilst doing it.

Our Purpose

We believe safety should never be taken for granted.


Our Values



Our Values in action:

  1. People & Community – We look after our employees and the community.
  2. Loyalty Focused – We value our partnerships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  3. Trust & Quality - We’re committed to technical excellence and advancement. We always meet and aim to exceed compliance and regulation requirements.
  4. Safety & Sustainability - We pride ourselves on creating safe and sustainable solutions for our employees and customers.
  5. Innovation - We have a proven track record of 75 years of innovation, and a dedicated focus on continued innovation going forward.