The name Trafalgar has been synonymous with innovation since we first began in 1945. Our products and solutions, whether developed over 75 years ago or today, have always been created with our customers’ needs in mind.

We take the time to visit worksites to design solutions, and provide free training sessions for our many customer groups, so that we can understand firsthand the challenges and opportunities and create solutions for our customers and the construction industry. Ensuring our products adhere to the highest standards of quality and compliance through our extensive testing program has also always been vitally important, as safety is something we believe should never be taken for granted.

In 2018 we recognised that with the pace of change globally and the opportunities within the construction, safety and transport industries, there was a need to create a specific division of Trafalgar focused solely on innovation. This team is tasked with driving new and ongoing product development and new initiatives, with their sole purpose to continue to push boundaries, find opportunities and create solutions for our customers.

The Trafalgar Innovation team have extensive knowledge and contacts within the construction industry, which allows them to work through the longer, more complex problems that require focus and/or extended research to complete. At Trafalgar, we take pride in our ability to locally manufacture solutions for our industry, with our in-house hardware at Trafalgar Manufacturing allowing for rapid prototyping or concept changes.

The history of innovation and development at Trafalgar is clear, and our path into the future is limited only by the opportunities faced by our industry. We are proud to work with our industry partners on private-label solutions where our extensive experience in testing, compliance, and production not only save development time and cost for your projects, but create solutions that are superior in quality and design.

Get in touch with Trafalgar Innovation today to discuss any new product developments or initiatives that we can assist you with.